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Your headshot sucks.
I can fix that.
We all know that image matters.

We spend so much time finding the right clothes and great shoes, applying makeup and fixing hair. Most of us will not leave the house unless we are prepared, to maintain our image, to feel good about ourselves, to attract the opposite sex.

Image is important.

If we spend so much time to look right in ‘real life,’ why is it that so many people still have 'corporate portraits' that look like they came out of a circa 1984 yearbook, or a headshot on your Linkedin profile with you holding a tequila based concoction in one hand and your ex-boyfriend cropped out awkwardly?

More and more people are seeing these things long before they meet you in person, and are deciding subconsciously whether they think you look trustworthy or unreliable, straightforward or sketchy, professional or fly by night. People form opinions about you based upon your picture whether you like it or not.

You need me because your first impression isn’t right, because your headshot sucks, because your clients think your competition looks nicer or more professional, because your picture says to people that you haven’t looked decent since the Jennifer Aniston haircut was trendy.

Turn it around. Which one of these people would you call, who would you like to meet, who would you pay to do something for you?

        this guy: or this guy:

That’s what I thought.

Now call me. Let’s talk.  Shoot me an email.  It's not scary, it's necessary.  I'm a photoshop expert.

I’ll fix this.


Rob Gulotta is a professional photographer specializing in corporate headshots, executive headshots, corporate portraits.